Family or Fraternity, Friends or Forums that play together would stay together.

Exploring is more pleasant when you fathom the unknowns.
Games are most uncertain for individual or team performances.
It is difficult to excel at something you do not enjoy. But we are sure that everybody enjoys playing games and be part of the fun stuff.
Games give everybody a chance to excel, not just to be as good as someone else but to be better than someone else.
Ask for our series of One Minute Games’ Shows that give best of both: Education and Entertainment and that is why we call it Edutainment.
We entertain great hope. We entertain positive thoughts. We entertain freshness and creativity.

Some of our most recent and most welcome Game Shows are
One minute games : Amrut Manthan
Utsav 12 maas
Holi ki Masti
Diwali game show : Wagh Baras to Dev Diwali
Krishna Made Play Divine
Fundu -Funn-Dooooo Yoga
Ramta Gamta Ganpati – Playful Ganesh
Santa makes you play – Christmas Games
……. and many MANY more fun games which are practically impossible to list are in store for you.
We guarantee to deliver a really awesome gaming experience to all our audiences.