Let the fun of playing Housies take over…

Play Housies for all occasions.
With interesting Supplementary Information.
Played with Tailor-made Tickets.
Prizes fitting to the concept and events.
Language of all Events: Gujarati, Hindi, English, Marathi

Some of our popular Housies-Lotto-Bingo
Krishna Housie
Yoga Housie
Bollywood Numerology
Diwali Housie
Kite Flying Festival / Makar Sankranti
Ganpati Housie
56 Bhog : Adhik maas Housie
Navrati Housie
Ascending the footsteps : Maata na Mandiriye
Ramayana Housie
The Great Women Of World : Women’s Day Special
World Tour Housie : 90 places to visit in your life time
Valentine’s Day Housie
……. and many many MANY more fun housies with customised tickets.