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We have a variety of fun-filled rounds like: Numbers, MCQ – Multiple Choice Questions, Filmy, True or False, Odd Man Out, Buzzer, Audio, Visual, Jigsaw, Rapid Fire … …
Audience actively involved in each round
With interesting additional story/information
Played with Bigger LCD Screen Projection & PPTs

Some of our most celebrated Quizzes
G for Gujarat, I for India : Gujarati Samaj
Yoga 4all, Yoga 4ever
A to Z of India Quiz
12 Jyotirling Darshan Yatra Quiz
Shrijee Darshan Quiz
Sarva Dharma Quiz
Jain Jagruti : Quiz on Jainism
Shrimad Bhagwat Quiz
Gita Chetna : Gita Jaagran : Gita Chaturaang
Chakravyuha : Mahabharat Quiz
……. and many many MANY more fun quizzes with innovative and interactive rounds to educate and entertain you..